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Oral Hygiene Best Practices

Oral hygiene is an extremely important part of your daily routine and habits. There are many factors that go into maintaining good oral hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth, flossing, making regular trips to the dentist for exams & cleanings, and keeping a balanced diet. There are proper ways to use these various dental aids that will help keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful! Proper Brushing Techniques You should brush your teeth… Read more »

Gum Abscess: Causes & Course of Treatment

A gum abscess or tooth abscess is caused by an infection that generally stems from the nerve of the tooth or an infection from the gum pocket. With an abscess you may experience pain, swelling, redness in the gums, and possibly a fever. The infection in the tooth or surrounding supporting structures, such as the gums or bone, is caused by the following: Periodontal Disease Tooth Decay A Cracked or Damaged Tooth Trauma to the… Read more »

Dry Socket: Steer Clear of these Habits to Avoid this Painful Complication

Dry socket is a painful complication that can occur after a tooth extraction. After the extraction, a blood clot will form, which is part of the natural healing process. If that blood clot is removed before the healing process is complete, it leads to exposed nerves and bone. The condition is not life threatening, however, it is extremely painful and should be immediately addressed with your dentist. While the etiology of dry socket is technically… Read more »

Receding Gums: Causes and Treatment Options

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS What are Receding Gums & Who is at Risk? When your teeth are healthy, the gum tissue will fit around each tooth perfectly. With receding gums, the gums begin to pull away or recede from the teeth. When the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth, it can leave the tooth roots exposed. Due to the fact that the root surface does not have hard enamel covering it the… Read more »

Jaw Strain Treatment Recommendations

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS The jaw joints consists of a ball, socket, and disk. Any component of the jaw and/or the muscles associated with it, the way your teeth move and/or come together, systemic conditions, stress or trauma can cause jaw symptoms.   The following are a few (easy, non invasive) steps that take care of the majority of jaw symptoms. A few people will need additional more invasive treatment. Consult with your… Read more »

Considering Dental Implant Surgery? What Are The Benefits?

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS What Are Dental Implants? Every year millions of dental implants are placed by dentists in the United States, making them not only a common option for replacing teeth, but a very popular one as well. Dental implants are essentially posts that are surgically placed into the upper and or lower jawbone, replacing one or more teeth. Implants are made out of titanium, which is a strong yet lightweight metal,… Read more »

Dentistry For Children

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS Children’s Teeth and the Transition from Primary to Permanent Teeth   The transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth in your child’s mouth is an exciting and monumental time. Not only does your child get a visit from the tooth fairy but they are also gaining their new permanent teeth. During this six year period, children will most likely have a mix of both primary and permanent teeth in… Read more »

FAQs for a Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Tooth

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS Teeth can become chipped, cracked, or fractured in a variety of ways including eating hard foods, biting your nails, or grinding your teeth. It is rare for this to happen to a healthy tooth that does not have any decay or fillings. However, if your tooth is already compromised, there is more of an opportunity for a chip, crack or fracture to occur.   What is the recommended treatment… Read more »

What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS Wisdom Teeth Removal Teeth extraction services and wisdom teeth (third molars) removal is one of Dr. Festa’s most common surgical procedures performed at our dentist office. Dr. Festa has 15+ years experience performing tooth extractions. The majority of people will need to get their wisdom teeth removed.There are some instances when a patient will not need to get their wisdom teeth extracted. This is the case for patients who… Read more »

Dry Mouth: What You Need to Know

By Dr. Gregg M. Festa, DDS What is Dry Mouth? Dry mouth, also known as Xerostomia by its medical name, is exactly what it sounds like. It occurs when a patient’s mouth doesn’t have enough saliva to keep it wet. What Causes Dry Mouth? It may be caused by certain medications, salivary gland problems, certain medical conditions or continuous mouth breathing. Certain medications can cause a patient’s mouth to become extremely dry. Medical issues such… Read more »